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After achieving a diploma in soap making, I was eager to start creating a natural soaps, an alternative to shelf soap which are usually full of harmful chemicals. My first batch of soap was what I wished for, a vibrant bar with a blend of essential oils. Sharing this achievement through social media and sample distribution, people started to put interest on these handmade and natural cleansing products.  I was also asked by a friend to create a custom-made soap that can help in treating his chronic skin condition. This hobby became a passion and by extensive research, I managed to create my first Eczema soap, which nowadays is a top-selling product.

“100% Natural and Handcrafted Locally” is my short and meaningful moto which describes my concept. “100% Natural” refers to all the products which are solely made from safe and natural ingredients and offer beneficial properties to every skin type. Hence, no artificial preservatives, chemical colourants and other harmful toxins are added to my creations. Likewise, I do not use melt-and-pour processes, making sure that no chemicals are ever introduced. This adheres to “Handcrafted Locally” since my products are made from scratch by mixing individual ingredients, in the exact amount and under the right circumstances. Further to this, each soap is carved and shaped by hand to satisfy the needs of my customers.

With a wide range of soaps available and new ones created every day, this concept will thrive to reach those who are diverting towards natural, safe and chemical-free skin products!

Note to our

The soaps I create are made by a process called ‘cold-process’, allowing me to create my own soaps from scratch using fresh and natural ingredients.

Sometimes, I make use of ingredients obtained from animals (such as goat’s milk and honey) but rest assured that all finished products are never tested on animals and are environmental friendly.

All products are made from natural resources and don’t contain preservatives so it is important to keep them in a cool and dry place to prevent melting or early wastage.

Please appreciate that my products are handmade. This means that size, shape and colour may differ from online pictures and also from different batches.

Although we use small amounts of essential oils in our products, pregnant women should consult with me before buying; some products can also be made containing no essential oils.

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